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Dental plan for groups

Dental Blue®

With Dental Blue, employers have the freedom to decide whether to contribute to their employee’s dental coverage. Employers who choose to contribute purchase the True Group plan. Employers who wish not to contribute can still offer their employees coverage with the Voluntary plan.

True Group requires that the employer contribute at least 50% of the employee premium. To take advantage of True Group, at least 75% of a company’s employee’s must enroll. True Group also allows customization. Employers can design a dental plan by selecting a combination of deductible, annual maximum and coinsurance amounts. In addition to providing diagnostic/preventive, basic and major dental services, the True Group plan offers employees the added benefit of optional orthodontic care. This coverage includes a 50% coinsurance level with a choice of different lifetime maximums.

Employers can also offer voluntary dental benefits to their employees. The Voluntary plan provides dental coverage for employees without incurring expense for the employer. To offer a Voluntary plan, at least 30% of a company’s employee’s must enroll. Employees can choose to pay the full premium through convenient payroll deductions.

Employers can purchase a dental plan in conjunction with a health plan or purchase a dental plan only. If employers combine a Dental Blue plan with a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina health plan, they will pay only one bill and their employees will have only one ID card.

® mark, SM marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. SM1 mark of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina.

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